$20 and Under

$20 and Under

GoDRY Protection


GoDRY has been specifically developed to work on all types of natural and synthetic fabrics ..

DriRider Thermal Socks


THERMAL WEAR - PCD polypropylene is a revolutionary new product providing outstanding ther..

KTM Baby's Bottle 250ml


The Super Premium refuelling station.Silicone teat and transport lock, guaranteed BPA-free.100% PVC..

KTM Cold & Hot Mug

$13.50 $15.99

KTM Cold & Hot Mug COLD & HOT MUG Coffee mug that really gets into gear when filled. Materia..

KTM Kids Dummy Set


High-quality, silicone dummy. Size 2 (for 3 months and older), double pack,Guaranteed BPA-free100% s..

KTM Racing Boots Socks

$16.00 $17.00

Socks in KTM offroad boots design.Comfortable fabric with a high cotton content.77 % cotton / 20 % p..

Motul A2 Air Filter Oil Spray 400ml


Blue-coloured lubricant specially developed for the maintenance of foam air filters of off road bi..

Motul E2 Moto Wash 1lt


Powerful biodegradable degreaser for the entire motorcycle leaves a corrosion resistant film to pr..

Motul E3 Wheel Clean 400ml


Concentrated formula: effectively dissolves greases, oils, and brake dust residues on the rims, an..

Motul E4 Perfect Seat 400ml


Powerful cleaner with non-slip formula that removes incrusted dirt and grime and protects the sadd..

Motul HD Gearbox 4T (80W 90) 1lt


Used for all gearboxes and hypoid rear axles without limited slip systems. Very high lubricating ..

Motul M2 Helmet Interior Clean 250ml


Bactericidal sanitiser for the helmet interior: thoroughly cleans and neutralises unpleasant odour..

Motul M3 Perfect Leather 250ml


Cleanses, nourishes and revives all types of leather. Protects against external aggressions, water..

ProTaper Synergy MX Medium (Dark Gray) Grips


Custom Kraton rubber compound provides long wear and tear resistance Half waffle pattern offers ..

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