Can-Am Spyder RS & ST

Can-Am Adjustable Backrest

$314.00 $417.99

Adjustable Backrest Spyder RS 2013 and prior, ST 2013 Steel Black Metallic ..

Can-Am Adjustable Backrest Satin Black

$314.00 $417.99

Adjustable Backrest Spyder RS 2013 and prior, ST 2013 Satin Black ..

Can-Am Akraprovic Sport Silencer

$980.00 $1,269.64

AKRAPOVI SPORT SILENCER Spyder RT 2013, RS and ST 2013-2015 (991 engine) ..

Can-Am Custom Handlebar Grips

$46.00 $46.74

Custom Handlebar Grips Spyder RS 2012 and prior ..

Can-Am Outside Storage Cover

$278.00 $306.79

Outside Storage Cover Spyder RS, ST 2015 and prior Black (Fits Spyder RS models without Ultra..

Can-Am Rear Sport Rack

$574.00 $597.73

REAR SPORT RACK Spyder RS 2013 and prior, ST 2013 Carbon Black ..

Can-Am Spyder RS Custom Seat Skin (Black/Yellow)


Top-quality seat skin features colour-matched stitching and embossed "Y" logo. Integrated pre-dri..

Can-Am Spyder RS Passenger Seat Bag


22.3-litre capacity. Durable 1200-denier nylon construction with polyurethane coating. For use o..

Can-Am Spyder RS Trunk Liner


44-litre capacity. Features multiple storage pockets and 12V power access. Felt insert provides ..

Heated Driver Grips


· Complete driver heating kit with variable intensity control.· Provides extra warmth during cooler ..

Passenger Backrest


· One piece fixed passenger backrest with latest ergonomics, high and wide,providing superior latera..

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